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Repair Kit 80084403

Name: Repair Kit 80084403

KMT Sealing Head Repair Kits 75/100S, used on KMT SL-V 75/100S Intensifier Pump Sealing Head Assembly, for supplying High-Pressure Water Flow to your 5 Axis CNC Waterjet Machine.

Part No:80084403 

Sealing Head Repair Kits include:

1. Poppet Pin 75/100S (05119839)

2. Poppet Discharge Valve 75/100S (05116603)

3. Low-Pressure Poppet, 75/100S (05119680)

4. Poppet Retainer, 75/100S (05119698)

5. Sealing Head Seat 75/100S (05116579)

6. Compression Spring 75/100S (AV500260)

The KMT Intensifier pump of 5 Axis CNC Waterjet Machine has good performance to supply High Pressure Water up to 60,000 psi for your cutting head, which is able to deal with any soft materials, if the 5 Axis CNC Waterjet Machine combined with Abrasive Waterjet Cutting Head, it would be widely used on cutting any hard materials.


Win-Win provides you all Spare Parts for your SL-V 75/100S Intensifier Pump, high cost-performance and shipment in 48 hours once order. For more information please leave message to our 24/7 Online Service: [email protected]

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